Are Americans arrogant?

“We have all heard of Young America. He is the most current youth of the age. Some think him conceited, and arrogant; but has he not reason to entertain a rather extensive opinion of himself? Is he not the inventor and owner of the present, and sole hope of the future?”

Abraham Lincoln

It’s an age-old accusation. The Ancient Greeks suffered from it, so did the Romans, Spanish Conquistadors, Ottomans, Prussians, and the empire-building British. The weak and colonized can be relied upon to call dominant powers arrogant. Americans are merely the latest recipients of the label. Unilaterally opting out of climate control and land-mine treaties only fuels this widespread perception. Ditto American treatment of the U.N. – it’s my way or the highway.

Arrogant people think their ways are superior. When you are the mightiest nation in the world, that’s a tough trap to avoid. Then you get criticized for being overbearing and presumptuous. When American tourists presume foreigners automatically speak English – voila! That’s arrogance.

The Evidence

Source: Pew Research Center, Global Attitudes Survey, 2002

  • Does America pay much attention to the wishes of other countries when it acts in the world? Just over a quarter of Americans think so (perhaps naivety should be another American stereotype). Grateful Kuwaitis and Israelis agree. In all other countries, most people see United States policy as largely selfish. Percent of French people who detect American altruism: one.
  • But it’s not just resentful and envious foreigners who reckon America is arrogant. Gallup asked Americans themselves whether the A-word applies to their country. A whopping 68% said yes.
  • So much for labeling. The acid test of arrogance is whether Americans really think their ways are better. According to the Pew Center’s polls, 60% agree with the statement “our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others.” Only 37% of the allegedly arrogant French think this way, and a mere 33% of the newly humble British. But here’s the surprise. America’s 60% is low by international standards. 86% of Mexicans have superiority complexes. The proud people of Mali are similarly afflicted while 90% of South Koreans know their ways are best. American arrogance is actually below average. We just see it in action more often.

America versus Americans
Around the world, America’s influence has been growing. People know it and in many ways they like it – movies, songs, brands, food, attitude. They’re less thrilled about the impact of American enterprise and they’re sharply negative about America’s government. But the United States’ most popular exports are Americans themselves. With few exceptions (like Palestinians and Turks), the peoples of the world really like Americans.

This may be unique in the history of empires. Superpower leaders have always been despised as arrogant blow-hards, and America is no exception. Around the globe, nobody gets burned in effigy more often than the U.S. President. But such an overly warm welcome doesn’t extend to regular Yanks. They may be large and loud and prudish, but they’re not particularly arrogant. America yes, Americans no.

Want to dig deeper?
The Pew Research Center's ongoing surveys capture the evolution of attitudes around the world towards the United States.
Pew Research Center


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one am very surprised at that high 60% figure but if it's true, look for it to drop downward. The public school education in the US spends inordinate amounts of time and effort teaching our children that all people from everywhere are equal to us -- oft times even better. This is one way this country has been able to absorb so many people from every other culture in the world. So no, I don't hear or see that tone of "we are superior" any place these days.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Love you blog. Itwould surly inform some Euro people i know.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are you getting that Turks don't like us? I'm American and half my friends are from Turkey!

Yes, I know there is a lot of pride, but it is beat into us from an early age. There are a few of us who got enough exposure and education to ignore it though. We're in a propaganda war right now in our own country. Love the world and it will love you back. This is what people don't get, Nigerians or Americans alike.

BTW in just about every country I've visited there are the arrogant nationalistic jerks and there are the people you make your best friends. I just wish the rest of the world knew that we are no exception to that fact.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What is it with girls fighting?


1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am French, leaving in the US since 1991. I must say that I have witnessed lots of arrogant Americans. But this arrogance is a direct result of ignorance. The best defensive maneuver being attacking, it is what most people who are afraid will do when confronted to an uncomfortable situation, like talking to a foreigner for instance. They will mock, they will brag. So more than an American character trait, it is a human nature trait. Only 21% of Americans have a passport... That may also explain their lack of sensitivity when dealing with people from other cultures, hence their so-called "arrogance".

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But it’s not just resentful and envious foreigners who reckon America is arrogant."

This sentence is an example of why you're perceived as arrogant. Many Americans constantly pigeonhole non-Americans. Frankly, we're sick of it, which is why half the nations of the world are siding with China.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always admired American culture, history, technological achievements and so on, but arrogance displayed has reached such heights that people are starting to take note. I must be stress: the falling dollar, no respect in the UN, etc. etc.

12:38 PM  
Blogger adi said...

Good job on your creative writing....well I am from India living in California since 2 years...I must say that 90% of the Americans in California are very friendly and cognizant of other cultures....I really feel great to be living in this place....I have so many American friends who are down-to-earth....many of my international friends do say that Americans are arrogant but it is defnite 'no' from is just a stereotype....Although I cannot speak for the entire United States, MY OPINIONS ARE BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE LIVING IN CALIFORNIA ONLY....and I must say California is a diversity paradise

4:36 AM  
Blogger adi said...

And also I must say that we tend to overgeneralize opinions...we cannot say Americans are arrogant just by interacting with 2-3 Americans....if we explore more we come to know the true side of America..When I moved to California from India for my higher studies, I had no idea how cool California was....I was surprized to see so many Americans mingle with so many different cultures, in fact all my dorm roommates till date are Americans...If America was really arrogant then it will not have so many immigrants..hehehe

4:40 AM  
Blogger jassurin said...

Just some thoughts from a Scandinavien.

Yeah youre probably right. Americans may seem arrogant because of there ignorance(some), but nonetheless, they are nice folks in general. Too bad there are so many far Right American-extremist-christians with so much influance. I believe it will become there downfall, but there is hope now, since Obama is fighting to get the healthcarereform up and running, and cleaning up after the republicanparty, ect.


Why do so many americans fear the healtcarereform so much? Do they/you believe it is Communism or something like that? I can assure anyone, that is crazy to think:P(you probably know that:))
In the nordic contries we have had healthcare for decades:)An people are still able to earn alot of money... We are a actually one of the riches countries in the world pr. capita. Soo this is maybe evidence enough that healtcare and support to the weak in society has an effect in the last end???

7:40 PM  
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Blogger luiz said...

Brazil is in a higher position than U.S in the ranking? This poll is a joke. We are the most self-hating people there is.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im American but i believe america can be arrogant especially when they think they are better than everyone. When you are in debt of 14 trillion dollars then your not that good.

10:46 AM  
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American culture is garbage, like the americans living there. Heartless, selfish, mean, using to get what they want, , just plain worhless crap people with no couth, respect, empathy, or understanding of anyone other then self. I would crap on an american , and then laugh as i fart in their rock heart faces.

2:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found the French to be the most arrogant of any people I ever met. Not entirely without reason, but in their regard for their own culture and disdain for America they are very outspoken.

3:59 PM  
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I am American, and sometimes deeply ashamed of it. Yes there are a lot of sweet and empathetic Americans out there, but you only hear about the arrogant ones. I don't like how we judge other countries and cultures because they're different from our own. We stare down our noses at people and then wonder why other countries aren't to fond of us. I'm actually seriously thinking of leaving this country and going to either Europe or Asia.

12:51 AM  
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the rest of the world needs to see the big picture. THE BIG MONEY places all of us where they want us. no matter where we call home.are Americans arrogant or confident? Europe should be thinking more of there population mix over the next few decades than American influence!

7:06 PM  
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7:28 PM  
Anonymous American38242 said...

To be honest, I have seen many Americans ( I have been guilty of it at times also)look upon other cultures as inferior. It just makes me sad. There are good people here just like anywhere else, but only the negatives get out i guess.

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i dont understand the figure in this context.

There is little correlation between perceived cultural superiority and actual arrogance from 0-1 unless every countries culture is equally diverse and complex.

The relevant consecutive "cultural background" of America is approximately 250 years of age vs. the cultural heavyweight that is Europe's 2000 years and Asia's thousands of years. In this context the United States arrogance by cultural heritage scores higher than any other industrial nation.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Ranaldo said...

Americans are over-arrogant for sure -> just look at how people try to impress each other with the most expensive cars and houses (mostly bought with debt anyhow, so it is sort of an illusory ownership, therefore no right to even be arrogant). Hollywood is disgustingly arrogant to the highest degree, which could probably be misconstrued as Satanism at that point (and these are the main role models, because 95%+ of Americans are a bit obsessed with watching TV and worshiping actors i.e. false idols and such.

Americans are so arrogant, that very few people admit that the land acquired to make the country, was outright stolen from an entire race.

America is mostly snobs and arrogant people (100% honesty there)... the only things that make us less arrogant, is the Truth, which is that we are not really that great as a country. Of course there are a few good people and a few great people here and there, and besides, life in a materially driven, consumerist society, will automatically produce less decent people due to the stress of constant competition to outdo each other (example is that everyone is racing around like maniacs - the proof is in the pudding gentlemen; Example: we pretend to care some about the oncoming Global Warming issue (thanks to Democrats for even caring at all though), but everyone drives well over the speed of fuel efficiency for a auto (which I believe tops out around 55 MPH. I'm sure some scientist could show us the numbers of an estimate about how much we waste just to speed (show off), and the staggering numbers would be sickening, but no one would do much about it because: America is an ARROGANT country (on average)

1:56 PM  
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